Congratulations to our 2022 Volunteer of the year award winners!

Gold prize

Jeffrey Guinn
Senior Trade Compliance Specialist
Defense and Security

More than 1000 hours

Amount : CA$10,000
From : CAE
To : Eagle Rest Reserve

Generous is how Jeffrey can best be described. On top of contributing thousands of hours at Eagle Rest Reserve, he has donated over $95,000 of his own money to provide services such as drinking water, electricity, and sewer services for cabins used by the organisation’s clientele. Eagle Rest Reserve is an organisation based in Texas that aims to combat suicide among veterans and first responders by providing healing and the feeling of belonging to a community.

Jeffrey’s passion for this cause is evident in his dedication and kindness.

Thank you, Jeffrey, for being such a role model!

Mary-Beth Kennedy
Marketing Communication Specialist

More than 700 hours

Amount : CA$10,000
From : CAE
To : Junior League of Savannah

Mary-Beth is passionate about women’s empowerment and female leadership. Therefore, she dedicates her time to an organisation that strives to amplify women’s impact in their communities. As Executive Vice President of the Junior League of Savannah, she has dedicated more than 700 hours in 2022 to raising money and coordinating the daily operations of this 500-member establishment.

Thank you, Mary-Beth, for your commitment to the women of your community!

Silver prize

David Frear
Design Engineer
Defense and Security

More than 950 hours

Amount : CA$5,000
From : CAE
To : Great Bend Hose Co. #1 Inc.

David takes the safety of his neighborhood very seriously. He has donated 950 hours of his personal time over the last year to serve as a Fire Fighter/EMS, a line officer, an instructor and now as the Vice President of Great Bend Hose Co. #1 Inc., a volunteer fire house. He has participated in the installation of a gas generator that will ensure the fire house can provide the community with lodging and amenities during a power outage. His work on the Bingo committee helps to raise the necessary funds to purchase up to date equipment, including a new firetruck.

Thank you, David, for dedicating yourself to the safety of your community!

Oleksandr Martynets and Oleksandra Petrovska
Senior Software Engineer and Manager Software Engineer
Global Product and Techonology

More than 400 hours together

Amount : CA$5,000
From : CAE
To : Foundation of Polish-Ukranian Cooperation “U-WORK"

After the Russian aggression against Ukraine escalated in 2022, the city of Krakow, Poland became the second-biggest transition hub in the world for Ukrainian refugees. That’s where Oleksandr and Oleksandra come in. Oleksandr’s work in repurposing tourist bases into shelters helped in ensuring the refugees had safe lodgings during this time of crisis. He donates hours of his personal time to maintain the warehouse where the goods are stored, prepare the packaging and even providing some furnishings from his own pockets.

Meanwhile, Oleksandra has collaborated with U-WORK to serve as a translator and educator of Ukrainian language and culture and has utilized her knowledge of Polish, English and Ukrainian to prepare social media communication for the incoming refugees. Furthermore, she has used her software development skills to coordinate the refugee flow among the foundations involved in the war effort. Overall, she has facilitated Polish-Ukrainian cooperation and helped build a stronger, long-term relationship between the two nations.

U-Work cooperates with The State of Emergency of Ukraine to provide first aid kits, equipment for rescuers and humanitarian goods for affected people.

Thank you, Oleksandr and Oleksandra, for helping the people of Ukraine!

Steve Macneil
Aircraft Technician
Defense and Security

More than 300 hours

Amount : CA$5,000
From : CAE
To : Bridges of Hope, Moose Jaw International Mission

For Steve, helping the less fortunate around the world is a family business. With his daughter who is a nurse, he has travelled to Guatemala to provide medical services such as surgeries and new clinics to the local people. Steve has used his technical skills to install 46 stoves and water filtration systems inside the local homes. These missions also provide a sense of unity to the people of Moose Jaw who raise the money for these trips.

Steve is passionate about providing these services to the Guatemalan people and has already dedicated the prize money to the February 2024 mission.

Thank you, Steve, for your passionate contribution to bettering the lives of Guatemalans!

Bronze prize

Aimee Hein
Head of Regulatory Affairs-Americas
Civil Aviation

160 hours

Amount : CA$2,000
From : CAE
To : Hope for Children Research Foundation

Giving back to the community is a value that has been instilled in Aimee since childhood. Aimee has been involved with The Hope for Children Research Foundation for 34 years and has served on the executive committees during the last year. Her contribution has allowed the Foundation to raise the necessary funding to continue its’ mission. This organisation is the only source of research funding for the Colleen Gilbin Research Laboratories at the New York Prebysterian Hospital.

Aimee works behind the scenes to ensure doctors and scientists receive the required financing to further their search for a cure.

Thank you, Aimee, for helping advance the research into cancer.

Kayla Charky
Software Developer
Defense and Security

More than 400 hours

Amount : CA$2,000
From : CAE
To : Quebec Confederation for Engineering Student Outreach (QCESO)

Kayla has never forgotten the support she received from QCESO as an engineering student. Therefore, she felt it was her duty to give back by making sure the students who came after her had the same opportunities to learn beyond the classroom and develop their technical, networking, and professional skills. As advisor to the McGill Engineering Games delegation, she coordinates academic events and competitions. As VP Competitions of the Quebec Engineering Competition, she oversees an occasion that allows engineering students to push themselves and demonstrate their abilities.

She is an inspiring ambassador for the engineering field.

Thank you, Kayla, for helping prepare the next generation of engineers!