Team volunteering

CAE allows employees to volunteer up to a day, in groups, and during work hours (as a team-building activity)

Volunteering hours must have been completed:

  • In a recognized charity organization OR for a good deed (e.g. collection of waste in a public place)
  • During work hours

Must be pre-approved by the manager

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is eligible to participate in the Team volunteering program?
  2. All CAE employees or CAE joint venture employees are welcome to take part in the Team volunteering activity, including students and on-call employees.

  3. As a contractor, can I be part of the team-building activities and can my hours be paid by CAE?
  4. As a consultant, you can take part in the activities, but the hours spent on the activities cannot be billed to CAE.

  5. I'm not a manager, but can I still organize an activity for my colleagues?
  6. Yes, everyone is encouraged to come up with their ideas for team volunteering! But first, you need to speak with your manager to see if he/she hasn't already planned an activity. Then, you need to make sure that the volunteering hours and the timeframe of the activity are approved by the manager and done with your team.

  7. How many volunteering activities can we organize? How many hours of volunteering?
  8. We recommend one activity per year but more than one activity can be organized throughout the year. If your budget and priorities allow it, up to one day (8 hours) is reasonable. An annual activity can range from a few hours to about one day.

  9. Is there a specific time to organize the activities?
  10. There is no specific timeframe to organize the activities. You can decide the time and date as convenient, as long as they are approved by your manager before the activity takes place.

  11. Can I do some volunteering work with my outside-of-work friends rather than my CAE colleagues?
  12. This program aims at donating some time on your work hours for the benefit of the community, as a team building activity. Individual volunteering activities or fundraising activities cannot be logged under this program. Volunteering hours must be done with colleagues from a same team to be eligible.

  13. Can I volunteer with my colleagues from another department?
  14. Volunteering hours must be done with colleagues from a same team. This program is meant to encourage helping the community and team-building activities with colleagues.

  15. I raise money with my colleagues for United Way every year. Can those hours be counted in the team volunteering program?
  16. This is not a program for fundraising, as CAE already supports many fundraising activities for selected causes. It is meant to donate time for the benefit of the community, as a team-building activity. You cannot log individual volunteering activities during work hours under this program.

  17. Where do I log my volunteering hours?
  18. The volunteer hours must be logged into your timesheet under « Excused Absence Paid ».

  19. What is a non-profit organization?
  20. A non-profit organization is a group organized for the purpose of social, charitable, educational or other such activities. The people involved in the « Not-For-Profit » organization cannot make personal financial gain through the organization.

  21. What kind of activities can we organize?
  22. You can do some research to see which team activities the community would benefit from. Some examples are: cleaning a park, helping in an elderly nursing home, handing out supplies to disadvantaged children, cooking food in a community centre, delivering hot meals to homeless people, renovating a community centre, etc.

  23. Are there any causes or activities that are excluded?
  24. Organizations, causes and projects that are not eligible include religious, fraternal and sectarian groups.

    Activities excluded are fundraising, conferences, seminars, workshops, sports events or activities that serve individual pursuits.

  25. Can I post pictures of my volunteering activity on social media?
  26. You are welcome to share your activities on social media. You can use the hashtags #CAE, #WorkingatCAE and #CAEvolunteering when posting.

    You can also send an email to so that we can advertise internally.

  27. Is this a one-time program or will it be annual?
  28. This is an annual program.

  29. Who should I talk to if I have more questions about the program?
  30. Please send an email to if you have any questions.